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Our Philosophy

We believe in a nurturing and secure environment, recognizing that all children are individuals, having different rates of development and range of needs. The diverse needs of families are always taken into consideration. We provide an emergent curriculum program which is play-based and focuses on the children's collective interests and needs.

• to give each child the best start possible through a variety of experiences & learning opportunities
• for each child to achieve a strong sense of self-esteem, independence and achievement
• to allow children to learn naturally through play & activities that are related to their life experiences

Learning Environment
• our program reflects the diversity of the children at the Centre and the world in which they live
• day-to-day activities incorporate cultural awareness and sensitivity
• our indoor & outdoor environments provide opportunities for social, intellectual & emotional growth
• our program sparks children's interests encouraging their natural inquisitiveness & desire to learn

• our program promotes respect for differences related to all aspects of our social environment
• behaviours that are sexist, racist, heterosexist are prohibited
• violent play and the use of toy weapons are prohibited
• children's individual rights, freedoms and choices are supported

Enriching and Secure Childcare Environment
• our centre has high standards and qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators
• ongoing professional development of the staff ensures programs are kept up-to-date

Parental Involvement

• open communication between families & teachers is encouraged - exchanging information & ideas
• positive relationships with families are fundamental to maintaining an open inclusive environment

We believe a child's words are important, and their input into decision-making and constructive problem solving with peers and adults is vital for strengthening and reaffirming their self-worth.

Please take a moment to read our full Philosophy Statement (PDF 121 KB)

Pape Children's House
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