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The Programs at PCH

Pape Children’s House provides a child-centred emergent curriculum - children learn naturally through play and exploration with activities that are related to their daily experiences and various interests. An observation chart is used to document the various interests the children display during play, how they alter an activity or create something completely new. Programs are based on these observations, and allow the staff to gear the program towards the current interests of the children each week. PCH regularly enhances the program with special guests and visitors.

All planned activities are age appropriate, incorporating the diverse interests and abilities of the children. The program, reflective of the diversity within the peer group and community, includes activities to enhance their knowledge of the world around them. Children are given the opportunity to develop their problem solving and inquiry skills. They learn to make choices and be responsible for their actions and gain empathy and respect towards others. The children's individual rights, freedoms and choices are supported. The end goal is for children to achieve a strong sense of self-esteem, independence and achievement.

PCH endeavours to communicate with our families in a variety of methods. Updates & important information are communicated by verbal communication, email & phone calls. We also create and distribute a monthly news letter and calendar of events. Each room also has a documentation board where the month’s interests & learning are displayed for families to view.

The centre is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
PCH is open on all school PA days, March Break and during the summer months.

Pape Children's House
220 Langley Ave Toronto Ontario M4K 3P5